Adrienne R Conish, State Representative
Adrienne Ricard Conish

Who Am I? 
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VOTE October 14, 2017, Ballot #17
It's Simply Time that  We Expect More...
Career & Occupational

Cooperative Career & Occupational Framework for a Disadvantaged and Veteran Workforce
Planning & Disaster Recovery

Tri-Parish Community Planning & Disaster Recovery Coalitions
Education Initiatives & Partnerships

Education Initiatives
& Partnerships
Inclusive C.A.R.E. Program

Inclusive Community C.A.R.E. Program (Cultural, Academic, Recreation & Enrichment)
I am pleased and honored to announce my candidacy for State Representative, District 58. While growing up in Convent, I cherish the strength of community today that I so enjoyed as a youth. I am the mother of two brilliant sons, one of whom has a successful career and the other is slated to graduate high school and community college within a week of each other.
Being engaged in civic and political matters for many years, I seek to create effective change in Party platforms.  

I now feel that the time has come for me to offer myself as a servant in the public arena. My collective experience of today and yesteryear.
*   U.S. Army War Veteran (Honorably Discharged)
*   Louisiana Small Business Owner
*   Louisiana Economic Development Peer Roundtable
*   Ascension Parish Board of Adjustments Member 
*  City of Gonzales Chamber of Commerce Ambassador 
*  Greater Southwest Chamber of Commerce, Procurement Chair 
*  Veteran & Woman Owned Small Business Principle
*  Department of Defense (DoD) Pentagon Acquisition Consultant 
*  Active DoD Security Clearance
*  Defense Acquisition Corps Member
*  National Contract Management Association Member
*  Domestic/Women’s Shelter Volunteer

During the depth of my blessed career and consulting business, I have gained an understanding of the complexities of government including its capabilities and limitations. “In my candidacy, I seek to represent an informed and engaged community (citizen and corporate alike).” Most importantly, my primary role as state representative is to be an advocate for the people. 

Action, Results, Character, these are the pillars of our success! There are many matters that will come before us, as noted in my platform.
1 - Cooperative Career & Occupational Framework for a Disadvantaged workforce
2 - Tri‐Parish Rural/Community Planning & Disaster Recovery Coalitions
3 - Education Partnerships & Initiatives
4 - Community C.A.R.E. ™ program (Cultural, Academic, Recreation & Enrichment)

My hope is to bring education to the forefront of issues. I believe there are workable solutions available that will enhance both the adult workforce and the youth’s capabilities.  I would like to see schools and programs return to emphasizing academics rather than attitudes and social agendas.  Another area of interest is the quality of the workforce.  We are negating our best natural resources …our people.   I seek to identify coordinated, comprehensive & sustainable tri-parish emergency preparedness and recovery solutions.

My purpose as state representative is simple. I believe that public service is binding on all of us. It should be something that we all contribute to. We are living in tough economic times and need sound and strategic fiscal and community inspired decisions. It is simply time that we Expect More!  

Who is Adrienne Ricard Conish?